Chiropractic works!

Why is Chiropractic so powerful?

You may have heard from some people how chiropractic is one of the most powerful and effective therapies we know of.

Some people talk of chiropractic miracles, where they have seemingly tried everything to cure debilitating conditions only to try chiropractic as their last resort and boom!  It works.  It’s amazing, a miracle! But is it?

You see it is not chiropractic that is the miracle, chiropractic is the power. The nervous system is the miracle.  Chiropractic works to release pressure on the nervous system.  And we don’t pretend to understand completely its incredible complexity and genius design.  Maybe we never will.

Chiropractors are highly trained – they complete a 4-5 year degree covering pathology, radiology, anatomy, microbiology, obstetrics, orthopaedics, neurology, adjusting techniques, biochemistry and much more – over 4,000 hours of study.  So please, do not ever be in any doubt that your chiropractor is highly trained.

But having said all that, chiropractic does not add anything in and it does not take anything away.  We do not use drugs and we do not operate – we put our trust in the nervous system.  And do you know what?  It comes through with results over and over.

Chiropractic makes sure that the spinal bones that surround the central nervous system do not interfere with its work. 

As soon as we release the nervous system from this interference – boom!  The results start to come over and over again.

So yes, chiropractic is incredibly powerful, but it is the nervous system that has the amazing healing power and it is the nervous system that gets results.

This is why we encourage all our patients to follow their schedule of care, because it takes time to train the spine and the surrounding muscles out of their habit of interfering with the nervous system. 

Your doctor of chiropractic will only recommend the visits you need, but it can take time.  This is why patients who follow their schedule to the end often see results that they never believed possible.

Doesn’t it make sense that as the nervous system controls everything, when it starts to function properly again then all kinds of problems start to come good?

Your nervous system is an amazing, incredible part of your body – give it a chance to do its thing and you will never look back.